About Us


Helping Hands for Veterans is a not-for-profit, community-based organization, that works to provide Veterans with recreational therapy. Our main goal is to help improve the quality of life for disabled Veterans.

At some point a soldier must return to being a civilian. The adjustment process from military to civilian life can very difficult and many of the combat soldiers who do return home from war are struggling with some type of mental or physical disability. In 2008 alone the number of veterans with any type of disability was 5.5 million. Moreover, the number of veterans with a service-connected disability reaches approximately 3.4 million. Of this number, 588,000 have a rating of seventy percent disabled or higher. Helping Hands for Veterans recognizes the effort required to return to civilian life and strives to give back to our Veterans in a tangible way — through recreational therapy.
(2008 U.S. Census Bureau facts and statistics relating to United States Veterans:

It is our mission to serve the American Veterans who served for our country’s freedom. Helping Hands for Veterans is a non-profit organization designed to help improve the quality of life for disabled Veterans through recreational therapy.


Recreational therapists can use a variety of techniques, including sports, games, dance, arts and crafts, animals, drama, music, and community outings to help reduce depression, stress and anxiety; enhance basic motor functioning; and build confidence among the program participants. In other words, service members and Veterans have an opportunity to engage with their communities and participate in sports and other activities that they may have enjoyed prior to sustaining their war injuries. Recreational therapy is an ideal component of the rehabilitative regimen because it allows Veterans to be active by engaging in their favorite sports and recreational activities, while simultaneously healing the mental and physical wounds of war.